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KALYAN Machines was founded in 2011.

Think ahead for Quality Machines!

We commit ourselves to providing KALYAN high quality machines.

Today, KALYAN products program covers a range of machines for Automatic rasgulla balls making machine , Khoya making machine, Bulk milk chiller machine, potato peeling machines ,Sugar cane juice machine, citrus & pomegranate juice machine, Flour Kneading machines.

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  • Tel: +919911229888 , +918196957044
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An experienced team involves in installation, training and services to ensure each machine runs as per KALYAN's requirements.

Nothing compares high quality, reasonable price and excellent services.

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Our Vision is to bring innovation to the forefront in all aspects of the business. We strive towards building a healthy society by delivering more than what is expected.

Our Mission is to provide our customers the quality products in order to create and maintain long lasting and profitable relationships with our customers, vendors and Employees.

The company is always striving to meet the high expectations related with this with its qualified staff and with continuously high quality and trend-setting innovations.