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Rasgulla Machine

Automatic Rasgulla balls making machine

Automatic Rasgulla balls making machine is a advanced and new generation of Rasgulla making work and has limited the dependence on labour completely. The machine is completely made of stainless steel 304 and hence ensures complete hygiene and safety to consumer.

Technical Features:

  • Uses optimum electrical power up to 1.5KW
  • The machine is fitted with the 3 motors for easy and smooth operation.
  • The weight of the balls size can be between 2 to 25 grams
  • The machine is constructed entirely is stainless steel along with high class equipment.
  • Operating temperature up to 80 degree Celsius
  • Inverter controlled motor drive.
  • Machine capacity is 7000 balls/hour.
  • Machine operates on single phase 220 volt. 50 hz ac power supply.
  • Easy to operate by single manpower
  • Electro mechanical panel broad
  • High production with low maintenance cost.
  • No requirement of technical operators