Product Details :

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Per Piece
Material Stainless Steel
Automatic Grade Automatic

The main function of the spiral mixer is to gently mix bread dough, allowing it to develop the proper gluten structure, while not overworking the dough. This is achieved because the bowl of the spiral mixer rotates as the spiral hook is spinning and kneading the dough. The benefit to this action is that the spiral hook of spiral mixer is kneading only a portion of the whole dough mass at a given time. This keeps friction heat low, providing a more homogeneous mix. Kalyan Machines Spiral Mixers are perfect choice for kneading dough.

  • Automatic timer for the spiral hook.
  • Stainless steel Bowl and Hook.
  • Bowl Safety Guard.
  • Its different speed levels ensure the consistency of the kneading. Bowl reverse and forwarding allows the better kneading


Model Model KM-50 KM-80 KM-120
Capacity (kg) Flour 25 50 75
Capacity (kg) Dough 50 80 120
Power (kw) Spiral 3 4.5 9
Power (kw) Bowl --- 0.75 0.55
Spiral Speed (rpm) 1st Speed 135 125 110
Spiral Speed (rpm) 2nd Speed 270 250 220
Bowl Speed (rpm) 1st Speed 12.8 17.2 13
Bowl Speed (rpm) 2nd Speed 25.5 385 13
Weight (kg) - 240 385 610
Dimension (mm) Width 600 750 830
Dimension (mm) Depth 930 1120 1300
Dimension (mm) Width 1190 1300 1470